About Us

We, Marlin and Anna, live on a 25 acre farm along with our 2 children, Monica (age 6) and Levon (age 1 1/2). They love helping us here on our farm that includes a couple horses, sheep, chickens, and of course dogs. The kids’ favorite part of life on the farm is helping us play with the puppies!

Marlin grew up on a farm raising horses and also an apple orchard. They always had a farm dog, which he spent a lot of time with. He always liked dogs, so when we got married it wasn’t long until we had a few dogs of our own.

Anna grew up having a couple dogs in the house and also raising a few puppies. Marlin actually bought me my first dog (a Poodle) when we were dating. Since then we have become addicted to having Poodles and, of course, Mini Bernedoodles.

Yes, we really love each of our dogs and their unique personality. They add so much spice and fun to our lives that we can’t imagine living without them! We personally love the Poodle and mini Bernedoodle because they are so smart and loving, and we’d love to introduce you to our adorable puppies so you can see for yourself what makes them so special.

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